Self Storage Conversions

Self Storage

With our expertise in designing and constructing Self Storage facilities throughout Europe, from the ground up, Active Supply & Design can complete whole building conversions. We can create fully functioning storage centres from warehouses, distribution centres and archive stores. For us, it's the dream project.

Converting warehouses and other large buildings into self-storage facilities is an easy possibility with our expertise. We can create hundreds of partitioned units and multiple levels of mezzanine flooring. Our teams work closely with you to design, plan and map out the whole project. You will be able to dictate the look and feel of your facility by choosing from our large range of vibrantly coloured doors and alternative walling systems as well as our robust mezzanine flooring. We will advise you on your room security, access control, building regulations and marketing strategy.

To further simplify a large self storage conversion, Active Supply & Design provide fit outs and a number of other additional services. Each additional service reduces the need to search for and evaluate quotes and contract services from a long list of generic builders and contractors. We know how self storage users need their lighting and CCTV to be configured, what access control systems work best, what mandatory regulations need to be adhered to and what your own customers expect from your self-storage facility. As well as plan these out, we can fit out all electrical systems: Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarms & Security.

As with any type of building project, another benefit of working with industry leading specialists is the confidence in knowing that you are meeting all of the legal requirements. Whilst working with you, Active Supply & Design will continue to provide help and advise you on Fire Protection, Signage Requirements and other building regulations – ensuring that your facility is secure, legally sound and built to a lasting quality.

Finally, no facility is complete without and office or reception area, so Active Supply & Design can add this to the project too. We can create bespoke office space that is both efficient, and pleasing to the eye - to create the right first impression with your customers.

If you are looking for information on fit out pricing in your  self storage conversion, feel free to Ask Active on 01270 215 200 or if you prefer you can click to contact us.