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When designing the layout of a self-storage facility there are a number of key components to consider when doing self storage design: -

  • Main and any secondary loading access points
  • Customer reception and offices
  • Toilets, canteen and amenities
  • Existing and additionally required fire exits
  • Existing stairways or planned mezzanine floor stairways
  • Location of goods lifts
  • Customer parking
  • Visibility of building
  • Design

There are a number of issues to think about when considering the best position of these elements, they include: -

  • Customer convenience
  • Building layout, size and design
  • Security
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost
  • Future development potential


Comparatively low numbers of car parking spaces are required for a self store facility. A single car parking space for every 2000 sq ft of storage units, plus staff parking would normally be adequate. Too little convenient parking could have an adverse affect on the performance of the facility.


The condition of the building could affect the performance of the facility in four ways: -

  • Maintenance – Older buildings or even poorly erected modern buildings will cost more to maintain annually.
  • Appearance – A poorly maintained premises can project a poor image and effect sales.
  • Water ingress – Poor roofs, either by condition or design can lead to regular water ingress and customer claims with resultant higher insurance premiums and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Security – The construction of some buildings make them comparatively impenetrable, others may be the opposite.


When acquiring premises it is worth considering what further development can be made in the future to expand the rentable area by extending the building. Many companies disregard this on start-up, as construction costs would seem prohibitive. However, many operators who reach maximum occupancy and then benefit from the profitability that it generates will look more favourably on investing in extending their premises if they can see that the customer demand for additional space will justify the investment.

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