Self storage goes underground - Ask Active


As prime locations for self storage facilities become more difficult to find there is an increase in interest in underground car park conversions in inner cities. Underground car parks cost less to lease than their above ground counterpart and are likely to be sited in locations with a high density of population providing the operator with a ready made self-storage customer base.

The condition of these potential subterranean sites varies greatly which should be reflected in the cost of the lease/buying price. The conversion of car parks in to self storage facilities is not for the faint hearted but long term the results make the hard work worthwhile.

Active Supply & Design have been responsible for several highly successful conversions of car parks to self storage facilities with all of them performing beyond expectations as they deliver returns far greater than their original use. Active’s vast experience and attention to detail has ensured that any potential pitfalls during these conversions have been accounted for and dealt with accordingly.

Some items for consideration during the conversion of an underground car park are as follows:


  • Ventilation: The ventilation needs to be a certain standard which will need to be maintained on a regular basis.
  • Sprinklers: Many underground car parks are situated under blocks of residential dwellings which will be protected from fire by sprinklers in the lower levels. The integrity of the sprinkler system will need to be maintained which may mean some of the sprinkler heads may need to be adapted/moved to ensure compliance.
  • Headroom: Sounds obvious but there will need to be enough height for the storage units to operate in the correct manner. There may well be pipes and other obstacles but our installation team will cut the partitions to suit in the majority of cases.
  • Lighting: The storage area will need to be lit to a certain standard with lighting to all corridors and common areas, the lighting normally being operated by PIR’s.


Once a site has been located and a deal struck with the owners/landlords you may want get a Chartered Surveyor on board as he will be able to advise as to which areas of the building and its’ services will need attention, which could be a shrewd move for the operator.

Appointing Active Supply & Design as your "underground” self storage fit-out contractor will be your best move, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure all runs smoothly and that your project is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest of standards.