Self-Storage Services a Successful Storage Facility

For 25 years, here at Active Supply & Design (aka AskActive), we have been a driving force and an integral part of the growth of the self-storage industry across Europe. From room-only fit-outs for small independent storage operators to Europes' largest turn-key self-storage construction project - we have been a key part of them all; together with thousands of projects of all sizes in between.

The reasons our success has continued year on year are simple:-

• Our dedicated team has almost 150 years of self storage design experience between them! That's actual "design-from-scratch" expertise - not just having been to a self-storage facility in passing. That accounts for a lot whether you want to open your first or your one hundredth self-storage building.

• Your self-storage facility advisor stays with you as your point of contact throughout your project and beyond. That person will be your design supervisor, contract manager, account controller and everything in the middle. This means that whenever you need a question answered, your advisor will know everything about your project in minute detail, which in turn creates an efficient and productive process from concept to completion.

• We have designed and built our own self-storage facilities in the past, which have in turn been sold to some of the largest operators in the UK. We know what works and we know how to make it a reality and we can help you to do the same.

• Our efforts to help you begin on the day that you first contact us and there is no end date to that help. Once your facility is up and running, we will be there to advise on continued marketing, self-storage staff training, SEO, fill and charging rates, legalities etc. We really are a one stop shop for all of your self-storage design, construction and management needs. 

• Our focus is you, our customer. We only make promises that we can keep and we base our reputation on those promises. A large proportion of our projects are from repeat business or referrals and it is vital to us that our relationship with you is upfront, honest, professional and of course, friendly!

All of these factors together mean that your facility will be designed and constructed to the highest possible standards meaning that you have the best possible chance of filling your rooms in the shortest period of time.

To speak to one of our friendly team about your next self-storage design or installation, just call 01270 215 200 or email and we will be happy to advise you.