solutions can help your ecommerce business


At Ask Active we deal with a number of different clients with ranging needs. From construction to retail we can help with self storage solutions to suit you. Here we explore the reasons why self-storage can help you with your e-commerce business. 


Self-storage solutions give you the flexibility to add partition walls, mezzanine floors and any security measures you need as you need them. You can also remove them as needed. Most e-commerce businesses fluctuate throughout the seasons. With a permanent warehouse, you do not get the benefit of being able to flex your space as needed. 

Saving money

A self-storage space may not be cheaper than your current warehouse to operate per se, but with the ability to flex as outlined in our previous point it could be more cost-effective. You will also find that the usual amenities such as electricity, water and gas are already included your self-storage agreement. 


The great part of using self-storage is the relative unknown of what is inside can be a deterrent to would-be thieves. You won't have huge amounts of branding on your space so you won’t be advertising what is worth stealing at your location and thieves may think twice about targeting your goods. 

In Conclusion

While it may not be your first consideration, self-storage could be the answer to your e-commerce store’s seasonality stock woes. With the added benefits of security and cost-effectiveness, it’s certainly worth thinking about. Active Supply & Design are experts in self-storage construction. For help or advice contact us today.