Spring cleaning your self-storage facility - Ask Active

None of us really love the idea of grabbing our rubber gloves and getting on our hands and knees for some spring cleaning. Nor do we enjoy the thought of digging out the tool box to start fixing and mending anything that needs a little TLC... Nonetheless when you own a storage facility, or any business for that matter, you need to make sure your buildings are kept spick and span at all times. 
It’s a well known fact that an attractive, clean and well-maintained property will attract and retain clients.  Keeping your self-storage facility in good order doesn’t have to be costly or arduous. Your facility may be in good working condition, but may just need a good scrub to bring it back to life.
It’s a good idea to have a daily check list of small jobs that you can carry out which will ensure that your facility maintains a clean and fresh look...

  • Inspect all buildings and doors for any minor maintenance issues and faults that may need repairing
  • Walk through the buildings and pick up any rubbish or debris from the floor so that it doesn’t build up
  • Make sure the office buildings, corridors and reception are hovered and dusted on a regular basis
  • Complete a lock check on all units
  • Clean and stock the toilet and other communal areas
  • Inspect CCTV and other security measures
As well as these checks it may be time to invest in some new elements for your facility to make sure it looks its best and is in top working order. 

Spring and summer are the perfect times to refresh and renovate your self-storage business. There’s no doubt a lovely bright and new looking building will attract more clients than a shabby and unkempt one. 

Things like fresh kickerplate and hallway panels, new doors, door frames or corner protectors, can all give an instant brighter and fresher feel to your building. 

You don’t have to completely overhaul your facility, but adding and replacing these small items will give it an instant facelift. Prospective customers will notice a newer-looking facility and favour it over a dated one. 

Spring and summer are the ideal times to inspect and improve your buildings, so stop putting it off! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and decide how Ask Active can help you! Here at Ask Active we are constantly helping storage companies to improve their buildings. Maybe you’re considering a new mezzanine floor? In need of some new roller doors? Or are you looking to add some new hallway or divider panels? All of these aspects and so much more can be provided by us here at Ask Active and have been for 25 years, in addition to the best advice in the industry.