Steel Partitions

Steel Partitions





Steel partitions are a great material when used within factories and warehouse as a means to divide areas and to change the layout of your work environments, making office spaces much bigger. These partitions are more durable than the alternative options and are easier to install making them an excellent choice when wanting to construct a storage room, factory office or factory enclosure.

Our market leading aluminium-zinc dividing walls are clean, secure and bright which in turn gives you added help to sell your rooms to your clients ; and with all of our dividing wall panels having a 500mm or 1000mm cover width reducing the amount of joints in each full length of wall there is the bonus of additional strength which is backed up even more by each panel being overlapped.

Our industrial steel partitioning systems are extremely useful and versatile and can be tailored for use in almost any space, they also have the added advantage of having the ability to be modified to suit customer specific unit sizes pretty much whenever your needs must and at a low cost.

When we fit partitions either single skin or double skin steel partitions, under a mezzanine floor, weather it being steel or aluminium, all of our corridor walls are then secured with purpose made, bespoke strengthening brackets to add further rigidity to the system and increase prevention for unauthorised access.

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We can even provide high quality steel mesh partitioning walls to the rear of your units around the boundary of your building, a particular advantage if you have issues such as lots of windows to the external walls, your buildings walls are in a poor condition or there are cables and pipes exposed around the edge of the building that require more protection, for example.

Want a cost effective quote of industrial steel partitioning systems? All of our steel partitions can be estimated by our expert team available on 01270 215 200. Feel free to consult the team with your query or project. We can help you to make well informed decisions that will make your workplace efficient, reliable and long lasting.

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