storage solution for your season stock needs - Ask Active


Changes in season always bring the challenge of seasonal stock storage needs and for the smaller retailer having flexible storage solutions are essential as they need to consider the impacts of having an increased amount of stock in their hold.

Nonstart up companies that have had to increase their stock before can work out a rough estimate of the amount of additional stock they will need, whereas start-ups and smaller companies will always have to involve guess work and when the decision has been made that you do need more stock they’re going to have to figure out where to store it.

While you may be able to get family or friends to let you make use of their spare rooms or garages for a short time, they will probably be using the space to store things of their own, particularly at Christmas time. There’s also the concern of the actual conditions that you will be putting your stock into and what impact or damage might occur, garages for example aren’t the best places from avoiding damp.

This is why more and more of smaller businesses are heading towards using self storage facilities as a solution to their seasonal stock storage problems as they offer a clean, dry and watertight environment that give you more control with flexible renting options.

Rental fees will still need to be paid, yes, but nothing near the amount that renting commercial premises would do and there wouldn’t be any additional cost for lighting, water or heating, you can come and go and get stock and re-stock whenever you need to. Then, once you don’t have as much stock you can either scale down the size of the unit you are renting or cancel your storage all together.