Structural assessment of self-storage facilities


Structural assessment of self-storage facilities

It is important that we optimise the space in your self-storage unit. Active Supply and Design can help with that through the installation of mezzanine flooring.

Before any installation can commence it is important to make a structural assessment of the facility. With the use of diamond tipped drilling machinery, we can extract core samples from the concrete slab. We will examine the capability of the floor slab, ensuring that the structure has the ability to support the weight of the mezzanine flooring and the items that will be stored in the unit.

We can make some adjustments to the design of the mezzanine if the capacity of the slab is low. Alternatively, if you have the information in the form of a CDM manual, we can use this.

Active Supply & Design are experts in the design, construction and installation of mezzanine floor systems.

Please contact us today to discuss the structural assessment of your self-storage facility.

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