The benefits of having CCTV


The benefits of having CCTV within a Self Storage facility

Possessing CCTV within your facility improves security and has many other benefits, both in the long and short term. Self Storage Facilities ideally need to be monitored 24/7. Installing video cameras around the facility can help the store personnel to keep an eye on higher risk areas, as well as instilling confidence within potential & existing customers.

So what is CCTV?

The abbreviation for CCTV is Closed-Circuit TeleVision and it involves the use of video cameras to record certain areas of your facility. The cameras can either be installed in visible areas or covertly, and can help to ensure customer valuables and property is safe and secure.

Use them as a deterrent!

CCTV surveillance systems has been available for years, it is proven that they deter criminals and their activity. A break in is less likely to be committed if the intruder thinks that they could be caught with hard video evidence.

Remote Monitoring

You can also use a Network Video Recorder (NVR), this enables you to record/view & send footage via the Internet. This is very useful given the amount of activity and human traffic at your facility on a daily basis. Finally, CCTV keeps insurance costs down!Installing CCTV can have a positive impact on your self storage insurance premiums. Insurance companies invariably offer lower premiums if your storage facility is secure and is monitored by CCTV, 24/7.

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Our CCTV packages are designed to fit each and every self storage facility individually. We ensure that our CCTV cameras cover all important areas of your building to act as one of the main crime prevention components. Call us on 01270 215 200 to see what we can do for you.