The expansion of Self-Storage Facilities - Ask Active


The expansion of existing self-storage facilities is a massive subject in the self-storage industry at the moment. Here at Ask Active we have seen a huge influx of next phase projects, as the sector becomes ever busier and operators require more space for their storage tenants.

This is obviously great news for the industry, as more and more people are using self-storage units. To help our clients get the absolute most out of their facilities, it’s very important for us to work closely with them during such development. In our self-storage planning process, we consider not only what room sizes and designs have been popular in phase one, but also the other possible room sizes that may become popular in subsequent months if, for example, house moves are about to increase.

A vital aspect of self-storage facility phase planning, as with any commercial buildings, is to avoid disruption on site to existing self storage customers. Our installation teams, who have been carrying out such works for the last 25 years, are experts in ensuring everything is carried out quickly, safely and with a high level of professionalism.

What many operators can fall foul of in the medium to long term is that a self-storage site needs to facilitate an easy extension procedure, which needs to be considered during the initial build. By using Ask Active, you can be sure that all of these things are thought of by us right from the beginning. All of our clients are fully future proofed!

All of our self storage systems are made to measure for individual projects. This bespoke service ensures that your project is tailored specifically to you! From self storage walls to self storage doors, our trusted consultants will guide you through each step of the planning, design and installation process – ensuring you get the most from your self-storage facility!