The strange things people have found in self-storage


Self storage units are used by all sorts of people from the family man to the highly eccentric even celebrities. You’ve probably seen those storage shows where they auction off unopened/abandoned lockers for people to find all sorts of treasures in or not. Anyway below are some of the strange things that have been found in storage lockers over time.


That’s right, now while most of us wouldn’t even think about storage our loved ones ashes away in a dark room it seems some people so and there have been several cases of urns of cremated ashes being found inside units. Not only that but there has actually been a case of a Florida family using their unit to store the remains and that’s full remains of their deceased grandmother inside a unit inside a blue casket for 17 years only to be discovered due to lack of payment for rent.

Famous Wardrobes

Due to a fire in her home, Aretha need a storage unit to store all of cloths and hats, however for some reason she decided to stop paying for the unit and the whole wardrobe was sold off to the highest bidder.

Lost Melodies

There were over 250 original songs by Michael discovered in a storage unit belonging to his father Joe Jackson. With some of them collaborating with Tina Turner, supposedly these were recorded while out of contract so no record company has a right to them making them worth a fair amount for the lucky unit owner.

Space Equipment

More of an oddity and a surprise to find is space equipment. A unit sold close to Florida Cape Canaveral ended up containing a rocket made by NASA and countdown clock from a space launch.

Stolen Property (worth a lot)

You may of heard of Nicholas Cage, well in 2000 someone stole a very rare comic book from his Los Angeles home. This comic book however would be returned to Cage when it was found in an abandoned storage unit more than a decade later. Said comic is valued at over $1M.