What do people store


In this blog, we have come up with a few ideas as to what is actually stored in self storage facilities.

Wine: Some self storage facilities offer a high security area complete with climate control for the storage of wine. The constant temperature is important for the stability and preservation of the wine with customers being able to take what they want out of storage when it’s to be drunk. The value of some of the wine stored in this manner can be very high and it’s important to keep the wine in tip top condition to ensure the investment is a good one.

Books: I have seen thousands of books in self storage facilities, many with sentimental value that people could not face the disposal of, so instead they end up in long term storage inside a self storage unit, sometimes filed on bookshelves in alphabetical order. The other end of the scale sees books of high value stored in self storage facilities as in the main it is a more secure option than a house.

Furniture: Quite often there is no space in the home to store bulky furniture that’s not currently in use, self storage is the ideal solution for this scenario. The customer can tailor the size of their self storage unit to suit the space needed and can increase or decrease the amount of space, as required.

Work related items: A godsend for people in need of storage space for work items which can include promotional material, brochures, samples and stock items ready to sell on. Most people storing work related items tend to be long term customers who don’t have the space at home to store their "tools of the trade”, they often look for the closest secure storage to home.

Hobby items: Fishing tackle takes up quite a lot of space and can be a magnet for thieves when stored in sheds and garages. Self storage takes the worry away from the storing of this often expensive equipment at home and ensure it doesn’t get "borrowed”. The same can be said of many other sports and hobbies including golf, skiing and camping.