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If you’re someone who’s been amassing lots of possessions and have little room left at home to store them, then you’ve no doubt been considering the idea of using self storage unit to free up some space.

The conventional common form of self storage units are generally the common go to solution for consumers looking to store their possessions away from home and more often than not this is seen as the universal solution to the problem, though the truth of the matter is that it’s not.

Despite the fact that conventional storage may be the simplest and least costly option, there are issues with this way when it comes to storing items that are more susceptible to being damaged by the impact of the environment that they are being stored in.

Some of your items will just need sheltering from the elements, while others will need protecting from heat, cold and moisture. This includes wood or leather furniture, artwork and antiques, photos, books, tools, cameras, important / sensitive documents, computers and other electronics. They may warp crack and others can yellow, while your documents and photos can become indistinguishable with time.

Modern self storage has vastly improved when it comes to these particular types of items and now have buildings with far greater insulation thus allowing great ability to regulate both temperature and humidity, giving your sensitive items an added layer of protection and helping them maintain their condition for longer. Such climate controlled storage will reduce these risks by maintaining a safe temperature and will usually keep the unit above freezing and below 32 Celsius.

If you are only planning on storing your possessions for a short period, say a week or two then modern self storage building allowing this climate controlled feature might not make much of a difference. Anything longer though and it is definitely something to consider especially taking in to account different seasonal conditions that will effect them at certain times of the year.