What Is Self Storage


With housing in short supply, a more transient population and more and more of us finding it difficult to organise our own personal possessions, self storage offers the opportunity to rent a unit of space, chosen from various sizes, in a secure location, where you are the only person to own the key.

Access into your unit can be made at any time, depending on your facilities opening hours and some facilities now offer 24 hour access. The facilities are secure and friendly and will often sell other useful items such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap. It is your responsibility to get your goods in and out of your new unit and this can often be carried out using the facilities trolleys and lifts to make your life easier.

Some "self-storage” operators use wooden or steel containers for self-storage, others provide external "garage type” units. The majority of self-storage companies in the U.K. now utilise a single or multi storey building partitioned with steel cladding to create units internally, as described in our example above.

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