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The first step in constructing a new self-storage project is choosing the right site and there will be a whole host of competitors vying for the same piece as you, so it can be difficult to find the perfect spot. Here are a few key areas to consider when selecting the site for your new facility.
Building the facility itself can be a massive undertaking, although steel buildings themselves are pre-manufactured and easy to erect, you’ll need to ensure you choose a great contractor to make sure everything goes to plan. 
Hiring the right contractor should be at the top of your to-do list, right next to choosing the steel building you are going to construct. Do your research and find a capable, trustworthy contactor for the job so you can start up your business as soon as possible.
Just like hiring any employee you’ll have a list of criteria you’ll need the contractor to meet. Effective communication skills are a must, references, experience, making sure the services they can provide match your needs, and most importantly a comprehensive contract. Even if the contractor has ticked all the boxes you still need to make sure the scope of the project matches your budget.   
Make sure to do your research online to see if there is any history of fraud or misdeeds related to the contractor, that their credit history is solid and that there is evidence that they actually do what they promise to. Other things to look into are: 
Effective communication between yourself and the contractor is important; communication both ways must be honest and clear. Small misunderstandings can result in expensive work to fix the issue, or an end product that isn’t fit for purpose. 
Visiting previous projects the contractor has completed is a great way of getting a grasp of their skills, talk to previous customers, if possible get a tour of the unit, inspect the work and ensure everyone was perfectly happy with the completed work. If you can’t make it there in person, make sure to call the provided references to follow up on their experience working with the contractor previously.  
The level of experience is constructing self-storage facilities. First off check whether the contractor has any experience is erecting prefabricated steel buildings, mezzanine flooring and steel storage units. Also check the variety of projects completed, working with different local building regulations, different weather conditions and the ground itself. 
Be honest every step of the way with the contractor about how you feel the project is going, if you feel something isn’t up to standard, mention it. Feedback is one of the most important parts of working relationships. Don’t leave your expensive project to chance. 
What services does the contractor offer?
Asses your own abilities and time you have spare to contribute to the project. You won’t save money or stress in the long run if you try to tackle too much of the project yourself only to find you don’t know how to pull the project off or have enough time to manage the project yourself.

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