Who Needs Storage - Ask Active


When your business grows it is very likely that you will run out of space; as with each new member of staff comes additional papers, furniture, and also stationery. If alongside this you also have a growing number of products, your available space will start to shrink fast.

However, – as could the costs of finding the space you need, through up-rooting and moving your office or purchasing a warehouse. But where do you put all of this new equipment?

Business storage is the best way to get the space that your organisation needs

Business Owners

Another group of people who could really benefit from this service are business owners for storingmachine equipment , archives, for later use and of course this can also be an additional service for an office move.

Home Owners

Storage is often needed by house owners, who move to a new property. Usually the main reason is to lighten the weight of their belongings when moving, which can also bring down the price when using a professional moving company. Or simply to be burdened by less items; moving house is never easy.


This is also an ideal service foruniversity and college students, who leave their rented accommodation and go back home for the summer months. Since no-one wants to take all their belongings, a safe/secure storage space is the only option.

Your items are Safe & Secure

Pack up anything from furniture to I.T equipment and store them with peace of mind that they will be safe & secure until you next require them.

With 24/7 hour security, as well as precautions to minimise the risks of fire, flood or other disasters destroying your precious items, it is possible they will be safer here than in your office.

The cash you save can then be better spent elsewhere as you continue to grow your company!

We at Active Supply & Design are an award winning independent self storage design & construction company, working within Europe for over 25 years and have the knowledge to help you understand building regulations.