Why Active



The entire Active team is dedicated to exceed your expectations. We identify the scope of work, and clarify every potential issue. We are committed to providing you with theself storageservicesandself storage products you need and want; better, quicker, more efficiently, and with only your best interests in mind.

Outstanding customer service matters to us. Every customer's needs are unique and from first meeting you and gaining an understanding of your needs to implementing and fulfilling the project we want to effectively listen and communicate with you every step of the way and totally support you in bringing your self-storage vision in to reality and we'll handle any unforeseen obstacles along the way efficiently, keeping you in the picture at all times.

We are the UK's largest independent supplier and installers ofself storage facilities and in the past have successfully set up and run our own chain of facilities. Our handsonself storage knowledge and experiencemeans that we can offer you a first hand look at the peaks and troughs you are likely to meet in the vital early years of developing yourself storage facility when finances are tight.

Our impartial perspective means that Active Supply & Design are uniquely placed to pay close attention toself storage clients’ ever changing needs. If you would like assistance with self storage fit out pricing then please contact us.


We have over 100 years of combined self storage experience. Our design team alone have over 20 years of experience in the creation of yourself storage facility layouts.


Our very own self storage products with bespoke self storage partitioning systems are tried and tested and installed in hundreds of self storage facilities. Our self storage products from partion systems, mezzanine floors, electrical packages and asscociated products are designed and built specifically with self storage in mind.


We want to work for you time and again, not just once. In order to achieve this we ensure that your project is managed and organised at every stage to meet the key objectives, schedules and budgets outlined. Our sales team stay with you from the initial meeting to the handover of your completedself storage project to ensure that your storage facility is constructed to your exact specifications.

Your sales person will be your one point of contact and they will be in control of your entireself storage fit out and available for all of your questions and queries.


Whether you are a single or multi-siteself storage operator, the success of your business through our design and implementation is of paramount importance to us. We want all of our clients to return for further phases and for aftersales advice so that your business reaches maximum profitability in the shortest period of time.

Our clients range from removals companies who have partially diversified intoself storage as an add-on service to theirclients, to warehouse operators wanting to make the most of their empty assets toprviate equity and venture capital investors and to fully focusedself storage operators.


We are supplier members of the UK Self Storage Association, British Association of Removers and United Kingdom Warehousing Association. We are also an approved supplier, through the Construction line qualification scheme, to Her Majesty’s Government with contract values in excess of €2 million.


We have installed literally thousands of storage rooms over the last 16 years and our credentials andself storage experience provide you with peace of mind and the ability to concentrate your efforts on marketing your facility.

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