Why should businesses care about "Going Green"?


So, with all the talk about going green in business, we thought we would look at the four main reasons that an organisation should consider when going green.


Green for the Environment

Some would argue the best reason to go green is for the environment but it is the main reason behind the concept of environmental sustainability. Why? Because you will not have a business if you don’t have a planet to do business on!

So, for moving house you may want to consider recyclable and biodegradable boxes, bubble and packaging. Here are some interesting facts you may also want to consider:-

On average each business consumes about 1,175,000 kWh/year – that’s more than enough to power over sixty homes for a whole year!

The average business consumes 3.6 tons of paper per year. The equivalent of a large garden full of trees. Assuming that an average-sized city has around one hundred businesses, imagine the vast amount of land they use per year!

The average-sized business consumes around 480,000 m3 of water/year. This equates roughly to two million, 400 thousand barrels of water. The sad thing is that 25% of the water is not needed.


Go Green to Reduce Waste and Lower Costs

If you reduce waste it will ultimately reduce costs. The result in reducing waste is an overall improvement in your business efficiency. There are some simple and easy steps that your staff can do, such as turning off the heating (if it’s not that chilly), switching off lighting in the office, installing some energy-saving light bulbs to reduce costs and also print less or maybe even print on both sides of the paper to cut down your paper usage. Also refilling ink cartridges instead of throwing them away will reduce the amount of plastic wasted you generate. Little actions like these mean you get to decrease your costs and help the environment.


Benefit your companies PR and also provide increased sales

People love a business that cares about the planet. Studies show that consumers are more attracted and also more loyal to businesses that actively show they are taking steps to help the environment. Throughout the last ten years, global warming has moved from the shadows into the limelight and is an ever increasing "hot” topic, to the extent that customers are no longer looking at going green as enough of an effort, they are demanding even more from companies.


Go green for your employees

Clever companies try to provide you with the best working environments for their staff. Just like you can’t have a business if you don’t have a planet to do it on, you can’t have a business if you don’t have the staff to run it! Air quality is key but also being environmentally responsible also attracts new staff. Also, the effects of staff retention and the most important point…productivity!

So, there you have it! There are many reasons for going green. We hope you find this blog useful. For more information on our self-storage solutions why not contact the team at Ask Active on 01270 215 200 or email sales@askactive.com.